Lisa's Yoga Offerings
Yoga has been a part of my life since 2005, and my practice has helped me gain balance in my health, become more flexible, and embrace the warrior within.  The practice of yoga brings together the body, mind and breath to free them from the obstacles to live in balance and vitality.  This practice is a beautiful compliment to my own as an integrative lifestyle coach and spiritual counselor.  My approach to teaching yoga is compassion-centered with a focus on self-care and expressing loving kindness to yourself.  Just as we want to align our actions in life to our soul’s purpose; we also want our bodies to align with their natural healthy state.  With this in mind, there is a focus on the fundamentals and basics of alignment within my classes.  As a life-long student of religion and contemplative psychology; I honor all belief systems and bring teachings from many different backgrounds into my class themes and meditations.  I completed my 200-hour Vinyasa Flow training with ONE Yoga in Denver, CO and have great gratitude for the experienced teachers who taught and continue to mentor me as a student of yoga.  Helping you to find balance, harmony and freedom from suffering in your life is my mission.  Yoga is one of the potent vehicles to achieve this and as a teacher I am solely focused on supporting YOU; to heal and to blossom into the fullness of who YOU are.
Private Yoga Session

A private yoga session with Lisa is 60 minutes and is focused on your goals with your own yoga practice.  Private Sessions can be at ONE Yoga in DTC, via Skype, or in Parker, CO.

Personalized Yoga Asana

Lisa will put together a customized asana for your physical and health needs.  The asana will be delivered via email as a PDF document.

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